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CM: Roseanna Stripped by the Slime Monster
Commissioned by :icondarianblood: who wanted to see their OC Roseanna getting her robe pulled down by the mischievous Slime Monster that lives in her cauldron!
Hair Cut
Originally I was only going to have the first two panels, but after I decided it might be cute to mess around with a few looks of Payton with shorter hair : 3 So we have Payton coming out of the shower ad putting her hair into little braids... and Payton... well... laughing, since I noticed I haven't really drawn her doing that XD I swear, she's shy, not sad! XD

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December 11
7:40 a.m. on Friday morning, Adam stood outside Payton's bedroom door, peaking through the crack to see her sleeping peacefully. He took a deep breath, steeling himself.

Okay, one more time, and this will be message delivered, he justified. Get in, get the job done, get out.

It had become a familiar routine over the past few days: catching Payton off-guard in order to administer a wedgie, spanking, or both before having her attend to his erection. Since Monday, it had been five times with her lips, twice with her hands, and once with her ass pressed against him while she grunted into the ball gag.

He'd been careful about how much he gave in return: she'd only orgasmed once that he knew of, on Tuesday.

Distance, keep the distance, his new mantra- or was it old?- echoed in his mind. I am in charge. She is the plaything. She serves me... He shoved open the door noisily, intent on waking the small sleeping girl as unceremoniously as possible before the hollowness of the thought set it.

Payton breathed softly and evenly as she slept on her left side, her blankets pulled up to her chin. Her hair was fanned out behind her, her bangs no longer in her face but drooping down on the mattress. Gray was sleeping with her that morning, curled up in a little ball next to her hair. His ear twitched when he heard the door open, peeking up.

Frowning at the onlooker, Adam resisted breaking scene as he shooed Gray away. Adam confirmed Payton hadn't woken up and scanned the room. If she had, he'd have just gone with the scene, but this gave him a chance to plan...

Immediately he saw a few things that gave him inspiration.

He grabbed the leash and collar necklace, as well as the ball bag. It wouldn't be as quick or pleasant as a blowjob, but the message of the gag was stronger. He then opened her pantie drawer- plenty familiar with its location by now- and pulled out a pair of white panties with a pink winking face on the back that he noticed seemed too small for her. Perfect.

He turned and walked around in front of the small girl, holding the ball gag at the ready.


She twitched and groaned, waking up almost the moment he called her name, but her mind struggled to catch up and comprehend. Payton reached up and rubbed her eyes, blinking them open and looking up at Adam sleepily, "Huh...?"

He thrust the ball in front of her face, holding the straps on either side. "Open up girly, I've got class to get to."

Payton jerked her head back in surprise, staring. Her sleep clogged mind was still unable to catch up, "I... huh? What time is it?" she muttered.

"You ask too many questions," Adam huffed, pressing the ball against her lips now. "Open up. Last chance."

She grunted and quickly opened her mouth when she felt the gag pushing against her teeth, cringing as it slipped inside her mouth, What the hell? What's going on?

Adam fastened the buckle in the back, a slightly clumsy motion since he wasn't standing behind her and she was still lying down, but he got it done.

He stepped back, reaching for the collar. "On your knees. Face the wall," he ordered, pointing away from him... conveniently at Payton's full-height mirror.

Payton furrowed her brow and slowly sat up, her blanket slipping down and showing the baggy long sleeved black t-shirt and the blue plaid pj shorts she'd slept in. She turned to face the mirror, seeing her tired and confused state as Adam stood behind her, He really woke me up just for this crap.

Normally she might have liked it... if she knew she'd be getting anything out of it. Over the last five days, Payton had only cum once, and based on Adam's frustrated expression afterwards he hadn't wanted it to happen. It seemed like after that, he was making sure to be as brutal as possible without going too far. She still got wet, that she couldn't help, but knowing he didn't want her to enjoy herself and was trying to make it as unpleasant as possible kept her from feeling much more... it was frustrating!

Did I do something? Is this punishment? He keeps saying he isn't angry but...

Adam brought the collar around her neck, the clasp in the front as he used the reflection to clip it in place. The leash came next, clipping to the collar behind Payton as he laid out the length of it down her back.

"Arms behind you, palm to palm," he ordered.

She moved her arms behind her as he asked, looking down at her lap, This could be so much fun if he wasn't being an ass...

Adam used the leash as a rope, wrapping it around her elbows  and pulling them together as he looped the loose end through the wrap, effectively knotting it.

Good, she can't reach the gag, collar, or use her hands much, he noted. Now for the last bit.

"Lay down, on your stomach."

Payton shifted back, making sure she had enough room in front of her before laying down. What is he even doing? This was much different from the usual blow or hand jobs he asked of her.

His hands found her hips as he hooked the pajama shorts and panties all at once, "You're going to need a different pair for this," he informed her, and started pulling down.

She blushed and shifted her hips so he could pull them down, exposing her perky butt cheeks.

Adam pulled both shorts and panties free of her legs before grabbing the two-sizes-too-small pair, smirking at the pink face printed across the back of the white fabric. He guided Payton's ankles through the leg holes and started sliding them up, encountering first resistance at the top of her thighs.

Payton cringed as the waistband started squeezing her thighs, wondering it it was really safe...

Adam grunted, lifting her hips and forcing the panties up over her hips in one forceful motion. He watched as the grinning emoji-style face sank instantly between her cheeks.

She squeaked behind the gag and squirmed, the elastic digging into the front of her hips and squeezing her ass cheeks.

Adam noticed the front of the panties sinking in just between Payton's legs, producing a prominent camel-toe behind a distorted winky-face emoticon. He grabbed Payton's upper arms and pulled her up on her knees again, allowing her to study their reflection: her gagged, tied with a leash and with a prominent camel-toe, him standing behind her.

Payton blushed and looked down at her lap. The sight made her feel tingles... but not as strong as they should have been.

She heard his zipper slide down- a familiar sound- as Adam's erection emerged. He sat on the bed beside her and picked her up by her arms, setting her straddling his lap. "Grind, girly," he instructed, as his hands fell to her ass cheeks. His nails scraped across her constantly-tender cheeks. "I'm waiting."

Payton sighed through her nose and started moving her hips in the familiar rhythm she'd established in the last few days. The excitement built quickly for Adam, his cock pressing against her camel-toe as she rose and fell. His mind flashed back to last time he'd asked her to do this: on the couch Sunday, before he'd started distancing himself. He remembered the wildness, the abandon and gusto Payton had put into her actions, even though she'd already cum twice and this wouldn't be enough to get her off.

He knew this was different. He knew she wasn't enjoying herself like she did then, despite the wet spot growing where they rubbed together.

But while his mind processed all this with frustration and a sense of loss, his body couldn't help but respond. After all, he was only a thin pair of panties away from actual sex... some things are involuntary.

He could feel the familiar pressure of climax building.

Payton swayed and rolled her hips, trying not to look as bored and tired as she felt. She was wet and had an ache, for sure, but she was no where near getting off. Not that that was a surprise.

Adam's fingers dug into Payton's cheeks as he goaded her to move harder, faster. His hips bucked and ground in rhythm. I need her frustrated, Adam clenched, considering.

Then one hand found the back of her embedded panties and yanked, increasing her thrust.

"Mmf!" She squealed as the already wedgied panties were buried deeper inside of her, whimpering softly. She turned her head back to look at him.

His other hand let go of her ass cheek and slid around to the front of her panties, gripping the waistband teasingly as she rose and fell again, friction building up the pressure inside as he fought to hold himself back.

Payton groaned and blushed deeply as he started toying with her panties. No... don't try to build it up... I know you won't take me all the way...

Adam stared quietly as he watched her reaction, careful not to break composure. Perfect.

He started working the panties up on all sides, their over-tightness meaning every tug would twinge and tweak Payton's sensitive- and almost entirely exposed- privates. His bare rod rubbed on the outside of her lips, into which her panties were thoroughly embedded. There could hardly be less barrier between them as she bobbed again, aided by his deep pull in the back.

She whimpered and closed her eyes when she felt his bare heat against her lips, No... don't like it.. it's not going to end well for me...

Adam held back as best he could, clenching his jaw as he waited. Any minute now, he listened intently. She'll crack any minute now...

Her next rise, he lifted her with the front of her panties instead of the back.

"Mm!" she moaned, hips jerking as her panties pressed against her clit, the sensitive bundle beginning to throb. She'd gone through so much teasing and denial in the last few days that she knew it wouldn't take long....

Payton's moan was his cue: Adam let go of her panties and lifted her by her butt, literally setting her aside as he grabbed the nearest cloth at hand- her discarded pajama shorts.

He barely covered himself with them before he came.

What a shock. she grumbled as she sat next to him, panting and face flushed as she was left unsatisfied once again. Payton turned her head away as he came, any arousal she may have been feeling dimming to almost nothing as she furrowed her brow.

Adam recovered quickly, confirming that he'd contained any spill from his jeans before tucking himself in. He stood, stretching like he'd just woken up. "I needed that," he rolled his shoulders, checking Payton's clock. "And just in time, too." He turned towards the door.

"I've got class, see you in Core."

"Mmm!" she growled in annoyance behind the gag, shaking her heavily restrained arms.

"Relax," he dismissed, waving over his shoulder. "The strap's just tucked in, keep squirming for a bit and it'll come loose. If not, there's scissors in the kitchen."

He stood in the doorway, glancing back at her over his shoulder. "Or your brother can let you out when he gets home. Your call."
He turned away calling over his shoulder as he walked. "Oh, and this is your pair for the day. Don't pick."

Payton huffed and glared daggers into his back, Asshole... she'd never been so inclined to not listen to someone.

Actually... I'm starting to act around him like I did my old bullies... Back in high school and middle school, Payton would attempt to put up at least a show of resistance so no one would catch on to her kink. But after Adam started bullying her... she just always obeyed.

Now, she had no instinct to do so.


Adam made his way down the stairs, shouldering his bags and locking the door behind him. Only once he was in his car, engine running and music blaring, did he allow himself to sigh and slump his head on his steering wheel.

Okay, no way she thinks there's anything left after that, he reasoned. She'll be angry, she may not play along for a while, but that's okay... I've dealt with that. I've worked with that before.

As he backed out the drive, the hollow pit settled in his stomach anyway.

I got what I wanted, why do I regret it?


Payton squirmed and wiggled for a good five minutes before the leash finally came loose, and her shoulders were incredibly sore. She unclasped the gag and took it out, rolled her jaw as she climbed out of bed, and immediately starting to pick her wedgie and tug her panties off with full intentions of throwing them away. Leaving them on the floor, she went to her pantie drawer and pulled out a pair of medium pale mint green panties with pink stripes and a pink bow on the front, sliding them on. She tossed her soiled pj shorts in her hamper with a wrinkled nose and threw the small panties in the trash bin.

She stood at the foot of her bed, crossing her arms. I'm not going to CORE today. I'll just skip and go to Writing later. she decided, walking back to her bed. She didn't have writing until 11:45, so she had four or five hours to spare.


After forcing herself to doze for a few hours at home and going through her writing class, Payton shuffled into the Art room; A fairly spacious room, about the size of a normal high school class, with four tables near each corner and seven easels in the middle of the room, while the teachers desk was pushed against the back wall in front of the windows. On the right wall was a double metal closet door that was opened, showing a floor to almost ceiling shelf of different papers and art supplies. The left wall had another door, this one closed, but inside was even more art supplies, mostly paints and tools, and the students' portfolios.

She was a bit early, so only two other people were there, sitting at the table in the far left corner and talking. Payton went to the closed closet and shifted through the portfolio's until she found her own, picking up the large blue paper folder that was 30''x24''. She carried it to the back right table and sat down, pulling out a work in progress; a sketch of a young girl with long hair, wearing a sundress with a sweater and a bow on her head as she stood in front of a cherry blossom tree. She may have based the girl off of one of the powerpuff girls...

Payton heard a familiar voice round the corner.

"And I've got chad coming," Kylie was talking to another girl Payton didn't recognize. "It's just him on guitar, but Chad can actually sing really well... Oh, hey Payton!"

The brunette cringed and held back a groan, glad her back was to the door. Forcing a smile, she turned to look at the ginger, "Hey Kylie."

As her friend went to retrieve her portfolio, Kylied saddled up beside Payton. "So, seriously, invitation still stands. It's going to be super chill, come and go whenever you want." The redhead seemed incapable of taking no for an answer. "But seriously, what else are you going to do on a Saturday night?"

The question made Payton pause. What am I going to do? James is home now... nothing eventful is going to really happen, not that I would normally mind but... then that just leaves me with TV, YouTube, and my own thoughts... I really don't want to be left with my thoughts right now. I'll just keep thinking of Adam and how he's changed...

"Okay, I'll come."

The redhead blinked, surprised by her sudden reversal but not wanting to question it lest Payton change her mind, "Awesome! You know where the dorm is, right? Main room in on the ground floor, but we'll have rooms open all over, I'll look for you around 9:00?"

Payton seemed just as surprised by her own acceptance, her smile turning a bit strained, "Yeah... yeah, sure." I'll just have to remember to bring my own water bottle I guess.

"Awesome," Kylie turned to the supply cabinet, preparing for class. "I'll see you then!"

The smaller girl resisted the urge to groan and slam her head down on the desk. Damn it...
CM: Hangin' Out After School
Commission by :iconjames-mizuhara: who wanted their OC Tanaka in an atomic hanging wedgie on a fence outside of school!
Hey guys! First, I am very sorry that I've been behind on commissions, things have been rather crazy, but I assure you, I haven't forgotten anyone whose commissioned yet! 

And on another note, I have opened a Venmo account! If anyone would like to help support me, my account is @Payton-Bloom. To those of you who might, I want to thank you so so much in advance! So if you've enjoyed my art, or stories, and would like to show your appreciation, any amount is greatly appreciated!
Hey guys! First, I am very sorry that I've been behind on commissions, things have been rather crazy, but I assure you, I haven't forgotten anyone whose commissioned yet! 

And on another note, I have opened a Venmo account! If anyone would like to help support me, my account is @Payton-Bloom. To those of you who might, I want to thank you so so much in advance! So if you've enjoyed my art, or stories, and would like to show your appreciation, any amount is greatly appreciated!


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